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NMR Spectroscopy for Probing Functional Dynamics at Biological Interfaces

by Vladlena Kharchenko, Andrzej Ejchart, Lukasz Jaremko
The Royal Society of Chemistry (RSC) Year: 2022 ISSN: 978-1-83916-209-1

Extra Information

Protein Backbone and Side-chain 15N Spin Relaxation Techniques to Study Biomacromolecular Interactions


NMR spectroscopy has found a wide range of applications in life sciences over recent decades. Providing a comprehensive amalgamation of the scattered knowledge of how to apply high-resolution NMR techniques to biomolecular systems, this book will break down the conventional stereotypes in the use of NMR for structural studies. The major focus is on novel approaches in NMR which deal with the functional interface of either protein-protein interactions or protein-lipid interactions. Bridging the gaps between structural and functional studies, the Editors believe a thorough compilation of these studies will open an entirely new dimension of understanding of crucial functional motifs. This in turn will be helpful for future applications into drug design or better understanding of systems.


NMR 15N magnetic relaxation